Tropic / trop-ik / noun;

The parallel of latitude 23°26ʹ north or south of the equator. Two imaginary boundaries between which diversity, personality and ingenuity thrive. | Reading a map

A creative studio like no other

Dedicated to those creating something new. Something better.

A studio that takes an honest and holistic and collaborative approach. A place where every business owner is welcome. Where you can come to be inspired, challenged, and supported in equal measure. Less smoke and mirrors, more smiles.

Tropic is where founders come for a chat when their chips are down. A safe space to sense-check your current ways of working, explore new strategies, launch products and services, and boost your digital presence. Everything you need to bring your vision to life, without any of the fluff.

Founders don't sit still for long. That's why we've built a trusted and lifelong source of support for every venture and every rollercoaster. Whether 17 or 77, first timer or serial entrepreneur, Tropic is your first port of call when inspiration strikes. | Olu and Iwan in Kerrera

Our raison d'être

Tropic was founded by Catrin Owen and Olu Peyrasse in reaction to the unnecessary and costly void between business and creativity. A void that shackles businesses when they should be flourishing.

Catrin (our creative director) has worked with some of the country's most recognisable brands such as Huggies, Virgin, and National Geographic. Olu (our strategic director) has mentored hundreds of high-growth businesses and run multiple accelerator programmes across the UK. Collectively there's rarely a challenge they haven't seen before, but time and again this void infuriated them.

Ultimately our raison d'être is to turn vision into reality. To enable founders to realise their potential and have a positive impact on the world.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between business and creativity. Every single day. | Olu kitesurfing

Our culture

We believe that anything is possible, but nothing great is achievable alone.

Tropic is made up of a group of talented individuals from different backgrounds, living in different locations and with different perspectives. Each proudly brings their personality and quirks to the table. We learn from each other and grow as individuals. It's amazing!

We encourage everyone to live freely, explore, and express themselves so that our team (your team) is on their a-game when it counts. We don't sit at desks all day and we certainly don't reply to emails in minutes. We work smart and respect the importance of switching off. Our passion for play keeps us mentally and physically alive. It reminds us to have fun working with those that are creating something positive for the world.

Working with Tropic means working collaboratively. It's how we make sure the best ideas and solutions win. It takes a little effort and can be madness at times, but it's hugely rewarding. It works. | Olu kitesurfing | Olu and Iwan in Kerrera | Reading a map

The core values that drive everything we do



Feeling free to be yourself and to be curious sits at our core. It nurtures creativity, better relationships, more ideas and allows us to work with clarity and focus every day.



We believe anything is possible. Even the seemingly impossible. It's rarely easy, but with a commitment to being ambitious our clients are able to achieve more than they imagined, while we continue to learn & grow every day.



No single mind has all the answers. We love it when different perspectives combine to create something awesome. It's not about compromise, but about being open minded and willing to learn new ways of seeing and doing things. All aligned around a common goal.

Want to join the fun? | Olu thumbs up