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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you open for new projects?

We sure are! As you'd imagine, precisely when we can schedule your project in depends on what you're looking for and how soon you need it. The best thing to do is to get in touch so we can discuss your ideas with you and take it from there.


How long has the studio been running for?

We launched our studio in 2020 and have been refining our offering and ways of working every since. We've worked with some amazing people since then, but our experience goes back much further - we've got plenty of war stories to share!


Are you currently hiring?

We're always exploring how others could add value, challenge our thinking and help shape our future. Good people who don't compromise on their values. If that intrigues you then you'd best get in touch - who knows what might come next.


Do you offer discounts for nonprofit companies?

We don't offer a specific discount for not-for-profit organisations, but we do understand that sometimes they have restrictive budgets. Speak to us. We  like to work on projects that excite us - we can work around your budgets when needed.


Do you offer payment plans?

Generally, our payment terms are 40% upfront with the balance due upon completion of the project. What's most important to us however is that you put the right things in place, at the right time. So yes, we sometimes offer payment plans if it allows us to create something awesome with you.


Where are you based?

We're based on Ynys Môn (Anglesey). A beautiful island off the coast of North Wales. We have a diverse team located in lots of amazing places though, because that way we can all be inspired by different environments and cultures on a regular basis. From Oban to Brighton, Zagreb to Lisbon.


Why do you call yourselves a creative studio?

Unlike most agencies and design studios, we focus on being creative in the true sense of the word. We help create new and better businesses. We bring our clients' visions to life. Not just design or illustration, we understand all the elements that must come together to create businesses, products and services. Our clients love it - there's just so much more value in it.


How does your mentoring work?

Tailored to suit you of course. Focussing on both you and your business, we offer a few different packages from one-off sessions, to structured 3 and 6 month mentoring support. We find the longer commitment yields greater results, but sometimes 3 months is enough.

You get access to expert one-to-one mentoring, tools and resources, and discounted services if you need them. We work in person or online, and chat via WhatsApp, phone and email.
Get in touch to for a free discovery call and see how we could help.


What happens if a project changes half way through?

That's fine, business is fluid and sometimes this happens. Early in every project we work with you to agree deliverables, milestones and timelines. We do our best to accommodate changes where we can and we do this by having a transparent conversation with you. It's that simple. When significant changes are needed, we'll let you know the implications and help you decide what direction to take so that the project is a success overall.