Making AI accessible for all

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March 2023
Brand | Web | Mentoring
Making AI accessible for all


The team at 42able.AI first approached us for some strategic guidance on changing their name and rebranding. Several years in, their business was now pivoting and they wanted to take a proactive approach to introducing their new offering to the world. As a startup, doing things properly but pragmatically was important to them.

The brief? Explore the market, build customer personas and identify unique value propositions, develop a brand identity with personality, build a stunning website and put in place ambitious but achievable plans for growth. Yesterday.


42able.AI launched in March 2023 with a memorable brand identity built around their existing and target customers. You'll find a consistent brand experience on every channel thanks to the suite of assets we created for them, and a striking website fully optimised for different devices and screens. Behind the great design there is also a strong user journey that was developed together with their leadership team to deliver high conversion rates and enjoyable experiences for their entire audience.

Alongside the brand and web elements of work, we worked closely with their leadership team to build an ambitious growth plan, and are now providing expert business mentoring on an ongoing basis to bring this to life. Collectively these services have given 42able.AI the support they needed to navigate the turbulent startup journey and thrive rather than simply survive. It's allowed them to do it quicker and more efficiently than most, so they can spend more time focussing on their product and customers.

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