Building a healthier, happier North Wales

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February 2023
Actif North Wales
Web | Design
Building a healthier, happier North Wales


Actif North Wales is a collaboration of partners committed to building a happier, healthier North Wales for all. They do this by getting everyone active and we couldn't be more proud to work with them to bring this to life. They reached out to us before their official launch to translate their vision into an engaging website that would talk to a range of visitors from commercial sponsors to club organisers to ordinary people living in the region.

We worked with their team to map out each customer segment, understand what they wanted from the website and plan how best to give them a seamless experience. All without compromising the experience of another customer segment. We then designed and built a new website around these, before boosting their impact at launch with the design of various infographics and strategy documents.


Thanks to the early work we did to understand their diverse audiences and design effective user journeys, Actif were able to launch an bold and engaging website that delivers crucial information without overload. Not easy. It's also available in multiple languages and is fully optimised for all devices, making it genuinely accessible for all.

As a lean team with big ambitions, we understood that time spent fiddling with the website would not be time well spent. That's why we made sure that the site would be simple to manage themselves with an intuitively designed CMS, before delivery training sessions with their team and providing a set of how-to videos for them to refer back to in future. Fool proof.

Got a project? We'll bring it to life! | Actif iPhone mockup