COPXX - An age of restoration

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January 2021
Strategy | Brand | Web
 COPXX - An age of restoration


We were approached by a group of leaders from across the globe looking to launch a new movement calling for an Age of Restoration leading up to COP26 and beyond. COPXX is giving an alternative voice on behalf of Nature and the Planet by including the feminine principles when it comes to making decisions affecting us all.

We began this ambitious project by facilitating a number of sessions to flesh out the movement’s true purpose, vision and mission. With a clear strategy, we then developed a brand identity, designed and built their website and created a host of creative assets to ensure consistency across all channels.


COPXX is now live and the movement is gaining momentum. Their strong brand and messaging is consistent across all channels, which has enabled them to create new opportunities at COP26 and create partnerships with other businesses and individuals who share their vision.

See the website and their Instagram page.

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