An industry disrupting solution

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March 2023
Brand | Web | Mentoring
An industry disrupting solution


As a startup looking to disrupt an old-fashioned industry, Explorage instantly grabbed our attention. We love a challenge! We initially worked together to provide regular, expert mentoring with the aim of avoiding some of the common startup pitfalls and accelerating their route to market. As they progressed along that journey and got closer to launching however, they asked us to help make sure their brand was fitting of who they were today, to develop high converting user journeys and to re-design their website to ensure they could capitalise on every opportunity when they launched.

Over time our relationship has continued to grow and we've also worked with them to expand their existing brand identity, build high converting and enjoyable user journeys, and re-design their website.


It wasn't easy but with a collaborative approach and a combination of services, Explorage have been able to complete their first significant investment round, launch their offering to the market, optimise their operational processes and put in place a great team. All led by a founder growing in capability and confidence.

Their brand has evolved in areas whilst staying true to it's origins and they now have a consistent brand experience at every touch point. It's a great experience for everyone who engages with them.

The hard work developing user journeys and conversion strategies, as well as clean, bold designs is proving effective as they continue to disrupt the storage industry on a daily basis.

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