A tech startup for minority languages

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April 2023
Pai Technologies
Brand | Web | Marketing | Mentoring
A tech startup for minority languages


Our relationship with the team at Pai Technologies began with business mentoring as their founding team embarked on a new journey. In true startup fashion they quickly launched their initial offering and set about gathering customer insights and feedback. This allowed them to iterate their product in sprints, but over time it also highlighted that their initial brand identity and messaging no longer fit the audience they now served. Things had moved on.

Pai Technologies asked us to work with them as a strategic partner focussing on multiple areas of the business. In doing so, they were able to set about building the brand, digital presence and marketing strategies that would enable them to get to market quickly and with an immediate impact. Harnessing all that they had learnt to build a better product and business model.


Combining business mentoring with brand, web and marketing expertise, we were able to provide wraparound support for the team during a period of transition and growth. This tailored and flexible approach allowed the founders to stay focussed on their goals and provided clarity to support better decision making at key moments.

Since launching their new brand identity, Pai Technologies have gone from strength to strength, picking up multiple startup awards, expanding their team and securing investment to fuel their ambitious growth plans. With ongoing mentoring they are also seeing improvements in their operational efficiencies, reduced overheads and increases in their leadership skills and confidence as they grow.

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